2018 Ford Expedition

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration performs crash testing on every new vehicle. When the 2018 Ford Expedition went through the testing, it managed to do something that no other large SUV in its class could do. The Expedition earned all five stars.

What makes the 2019 Expedition safe?

Ford engineers might explain how they utilized more high strength steel to make it stronger at all points. This is similar to what they did on the Ford F-150 a few years ago. Like the pickup truck, the Expedition dropped weight with a majority aluminum body. Now it has proven itself, like the F-150, in safety testing.

The high-strength steel helps prevent the roof from collapsing or the cabin from being crushed. A Safety Canopy of airbags are in place to protect passengers. Pre-tensioned seat belts will tighten up to better protect occupants from the initial shock of an impact.

Furthermore, Traction and stability controls may move wheelspin to provide the proper grip on the road. This is useful when slowing or stopping, but it also comes into play when the Expedition is in traveling mode.

Which Crash Avoidance Features Were Included for 2019?

New this year, the Expedition offers a long list of popular features to avoid dangerous situations. Adaptive cruise control uses an autobrake to complement its acceleration capability. With both in play, the system can speed or slow or even stop. Drivers remain responsible for steering, but they can trust the Expedition to recognize leader traffic and to regulate travel accordingly.

Watching the sides, a blind spot monitor helps eliminate the blind zone. Drivers know when traffic is too close for lane changes. A rear cross-traffic alert will sound to tell the driver when a car is coming during a reverse maneuver. In another attempt to prevent side swipes, a lane keeper can assist the driver. If the Expedition is moving too close to the lane lines, the vehicle will notify the driver and, if necessary, straighten up the SUV.

2018 Ford Expedition Interior

Does the Expedition Help You Park?

The automaker's Parking Assist is now available on the Expedition. This system takes the guesswork out of putting the SUV into a parking space. Of course, every Expedition has a rearview camera on board.

Taking a wider approach to safety, the Expedition has a new terrain management system. With the turn of a dial, you can tell it if you are encountering loose terrain or rough surfaces. In addition to a sand and grass/gravel/snow setting, there's a special mud/rut setting you'll only find on a Ford. The Expedition rolls over debris thanks to 9.8 inches of ground clearance.

For your family's security, a high-tech key provides fast locking and unlocking. A SecuriCode system includes a helpful keypad for quick entry. Your kids will appreciate the standard nighttime illumination at their feet as they enter or exit.

A test drive is the best way to discover if the award-winning Expedition is right for your family. Check out your choices in our inventory.

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