Why Buy a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan

Ford Extended Service 

What is a Ford Extended Service Plan?

Over 35,000,000 Ford customers take advantage of one of Ford's extended service plans. They offer four extended plans that each offer a specific amount of components covered under the warranty, and each one of these plans is backed by the brand itself. Sometimes dealerships offer their own plans, but there's nothing quite as powerful as the Ford name when it comes to protecting your vehicle against future repair costs. As a vehicle's limited manufacturer warranty comes to a close, the vehicle frequently begins needing new parts. Without an extended care plan, you might end up paying out of pocket for expensive things like engine or transmission work.

Ford makes it easy for customers to purchase one of these plans, and they have plans to match every budget. The Four plans include:

  • PowertrainCARE
  • BaseCARE
  • ExtraCARE
  • PremiumCARE

Notice that "care" ends each offering. That's the message that Ford is communicating to its customers when it lets them know that they care about the lifetime of the Ford vehicle they sold to you. The difference between the plans is the number of components covered. PremiumCARE covers 1000+ components and is by a wide margin the most extensive coverage you can buy. ExtraCARE covers 113 components, BaseCARE covers 85 components, and PowertrainCARE covers 29 components.

Why Should You Purchase a Ford Extended Plan?

The Ford Motor Company stands by their extended warranties 100% and they put that in writing first thing. When you take your vehicle in for repair, you're going to get Ford parts only, not aftermarket parts that are often shoddy compared to the manufacturer part. Ford vehicles are supposed to be stocked with Ford products, period. When you get an extended warranty, Ford wants you to have the best when you take your vehicle in for repair, and they make sure that you get it with your plans. In addition to these great benefits, you should also know that:

  • The coverage is transferable and can increase the resale value of the vehicle.
  • You get 24-hour roadside assistance whenever you need it.
  • Repair costs drop to $0 after the deductible, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars on repairs.

If you plan to keep your vehicle for years or decades, an extended service plan is the only logical choice. While you will pay expenses for it, it pays for itself once that vehicle begins to need basic and then major repairs. Don't let yourself fall prey to weighty repair fees. Let Ford protect your vehicle for the duration of its time with you. The first major repair that your vehicle needs, you're going to be thrilled that you have Ford Protect to be there for you. It can literally save you thousands of dollars over the years you own your Ford.

Contact our Dealership Today

Gwinnett Place Ford is proud to be your Ford dealer, and we can help set you up with Ford Protect. All you need to do is give us a call today. Ask us any questions about the different types of plans, write in with your questions, or simply stop by and see us. When you buy a Ford from us, we'll certainly go over these options with you, but if you've decided that you now want Ford Protect after seeing all of these great reasons to buy it, then just give us a call and schedule an appointment. We'll be happy to set you up with one of the best extended warranties in the business. Call today.

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