The 2018 Ford Edge Delivers Incredible Capabilities

The 2018 Ford Edge presents a reliable and unforgettable drive. The capabilities don't stop with its primary intended purpose. Drivers might find the vehicle's capabilities deliver more than what they normally expect in a car.

All-Wheel-Drive by itself is a nice capability. With the Ford Edge, driver's can access intelligent AWD. The special AWD comes with a unique sensor system, a system that actually monitors traction. Drivers concerned about the roads during inclement weather may be intrigued by this capability.

Lending support to the driver is the related individual tire pressure monitoring system. Tire pressure counts towards reliability, safety, and fuel economy. Drivers don't want an underinflated tire nor the troubles that go with one. Each of the four tires experiences consistent monitoring. The second any tire's pressure level drops below the appropriate inflation level, an indicator goes off.

Anyone living in or near Duluth, GA should come on down to Gwinnett Place Ford and take the 2018 Ford Edge for a test drive. Experience the brilliance of the vehicle's capabilities for yourself!



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