With all the different features that come included in vehicles these days, it's challenging to choose the make and model that is going to work for your budget. You need to ensure that you're getting all of the features that you want, but you can end up surpassing what you can afford. If you want a powerful vehicle that is going to be a wise investment, the Ford F-150 has been leading the vehicle market for years now. There are currently six different trim levels that are offered on the 13th generation of the F-150. As the best selling vehicle on the market right now, let's look at some of the reasons why this vehicle is surpassing all others.

A Vehicle That has it All

There are plenty of different aspects of a vehicle that you can look at when you're shopping around. Some people need plenty of power and towing capabilities. Other people care more about the interior of the vehicle. The exterior styling is what catches a person's eye first. The Ford F-150 comes loaded with all of the latest and greatest features in the areas of safety, convenience, comfort, and power. Just some of the standard features that you get include smart technology cruise control, automated parking, various cab choices, and retractable running boards.

Responsiveness and Handling

While a vehicle might look good while it's sitting in the middle of the dealership lot, you don't know much about the vehicle until you take it out on the road. How a vehicle handles the road and feels when you're driving, is one of the more essential features of a vehicle. The Ford F-150 feels very smooth and responsive when you get behind the wheel. This is true whether your truck bed is empty, full, or you are pulling weight behind your truck. If you're parking, you can reap the benefits of the F-150 automated parking feature. There is also a specially-calibrated suspension system that adds to the smoothness of the ride.


Whether you're driving by yourself or with your family in tow, the safety level of your vehicle is critical. The F-150 includes all of the latest and greatest safety features. Stability control, trailer sway control, antilock braking, a 360-degree camera, and collision warning technology are all included. Not to mention, all of these features are very easy to use.

If you aren't entirely convinced yet, stop down to Gwinnett Place Ford to find out more about the best selling vehicle on the market right now. The Ford F-150 is a vehicle that will be worth the investment for many years into the future.

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