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Since COVID-19 has added some constraints to our time and social lives, it is essential to find easy-to-implement ways to adapt. How do you keep from being bored, stressed, or both? Here are five helpful suggestions to keep life moving on the right path.

1. The news you DON'T need to know

Take a news break. Leaving the TV on in the background for 24/7 corona coverage is a recipe for anxiety. Check-in for a few moments three times a day to get updates on the facts. Pass on the myriad of opinion pieces, theories and conjectures.

2. Make some (work) space

If you need to work from home, be deliberate about it. Set up a dedicated workspace. This will help you focus and set boundaries between work and personal life. When you work from home, it can be hard to let it go. Having one spot where you work leaves the rest free for everything else. When you leave that space, you leave work behind.

3. Negate the negative

This is time to guard yourself mentally. COVID-19 news comes with enough situational stress to max out anyone's tension meter. Balance this with positive messages on social media. Find and follow people who offer encouragement, good messages, and helpful information and advice.

Unfollow hateful, negative, and fear-inducing posters. It's the last thing anyone needs when you want to stay mentally strong for the long haul.

4. Take time to do your to do's

Being at home doesn't mean you have to do nothing all day. Think about projects you have been putting off. Time to clean out the junk drawer? Do you really know what's in the far back corner of the closet? Is that faucet still dripping?

This extra time can be productive if you see it as bonus minutes to get things done that you haven't had time to tackle yet.

5. Stimulate the gray cells

If you don't feel like doing chores with all the extra at-home time (who does?), then learn something new. Take up a hobby that has always interested you, or plunge into those books you have intended to read.

Learning and creating stimulate the brain and boost mood. There are instructional videos for almost anything online; a lot of supplies can still be ordered online. You may not be the next Picasso, but you can reap a lot of benefits by trying.

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