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How Can Driving a Ford Fusion Hybrid Save Me From Rising Gas Prices?

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium  

If you want to reduce your emissions and gas prices, a Ford Fusion Hybrid is the way to go. The Ford Fusion consistently remains a top choice and best-seller in its class because Ford continues to modernize the Hybrid with innovative updates and improvements. Since it's a hybrid vehicle, the Ford Fusion Hybrid also offers an impressive fuel economy and tacks an electric motor to its powertrain, which translates to you spending less money at the pump.

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Ford Teams Up With Jose Cuervo to Make Parts From Agave

Agave is roasted, pressed, fermented and distilled to create a popular spirit that’s shipped across the U.S., but it turns out that it’s not just good for filling up shot glasses.

Ford Motor Company has joined forces with Jose Cuervo to explore ways in which wasted agave fiber can be used to create car parts. Lots of testing is being conducted using the durable fibers, which have the ability to be transformed into a low-weight, sustainable composite.

Ultimately, the composite could result in lighter car parts that help improve fuel economy. Plus, it would minimize the use…

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