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Find the Perfect Car in 2021

Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

You may be ready for a new car in 2021 to ensure you can have an excellent driving experience when heading to school or work each day. Your current vehicle may require a lot of repairs, or it may no longer accommodate your growing family and has a lack of space. Fortunately, you can follow a few tips to ensure you find the perfect car for your needs in the coming year.

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How to Get the Most Money Back for My Used Car

Man inspecting car

If you want to make sure you get the most money back for your used car when trading it in, you must take in mind some preventative measures. The fact is that if you keep your car in the best condition possible, you’ll get more money back for it.

In addition, there are a few steps you can take when purchasing your car in the first place and when preparing to have it appraised…

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Used Car Buying Tips Every Shopper Should Know

If you or someone you know is shopping for used cars in the Atlanta area, follow these must-know tips to ensure you save as much as possible and find the right vehicle for your needs.

Think about the overall amount you want to pay, not just how much you can afford monthly.

This is actually a rule of thumb for both new and used car shoppers. Focusing on the monthly payment only could lead to spending thousands more down the line if you're not paying attention to the total long-term cost of a car and the length of time…

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Fastest Ways to Defog Your Windshield

Driving with a foggy windshield, whether it’s a humid summer day or cold winter evening, can be very dangerous. Luckily, there are some fast ways to defog windshields. Try these tips the next time your front window starts to fog up or to defog it before you head out on the road. In addition, remember that if your visibility is impaired to pull off the road until you can properly see again.

Please also…

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How Ford Prepares Its Cars to Handle Old Man Winter

Since 2006, Ford has conducted snow and other weather testing using a special climatic wind tunnel at its facility in Allen Park, Michigan. The tunnel can simulate the worst weather extremes, from heavy snow storms and hurricane-like winds to 130-degree desert temperatures and more.

Heading into winter, Ford owners can feel confident that their vehicles are equipped to handle the worst mother nature has to throw at them thanks to Ford’s ongoing weather testing…

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Video: Check Out This Crazy F-15O Inspired Corn Maze

Fall is prime time for corn mazes in every area of the country and one located in Ohio - Leaders Farms - did theirs up in a really unique way. Their one-of-a-kind 7-acre maze is a tribute to the redesigned F-150 that debuted last year and it not only provides fall entertainment for locals, but also yields approximately 120 bushels of corn per acre!

Leaders Farms is a family-run business that’s operated by Ford owners. Kristin…

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You Can Now Check Your Car Status From Your Wrist

Ford is getting super tech savvy with the release of a new MyFord Mobile app upgrade that offers smartwatch support. If your latest timepiece is an Apple Watch or Moto 360 (along with any other product in the Android Wear line), and you happen to own a Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Focus Electric or Ford Fusion Energi, download the latest addition of the MyFord app on the Apple Store or Google Play.

What sort of…

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Stop Criminals With MPP SkyLINK Theft Protection

With over half a million vehicles stolen annually in the United States, it’s important for drivers to protect their cars from theft. If you or anyone you know has ever been the victim of a stolen vehicle, you may know how maddening it can be. Stolen cars are often never recovered and the cost to replace them and pay for new registration, insurance and other fees is yet another blow.

With MPP’s SkyLINK…

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And the Award for Best Family Hybrid Goes to....

When U.S. News & World Report editors were deciding which gas-electric vehicle deserved to be named the “Best Hybrid Car for Families,” one stood out as a choice that both parents and kids would love. The winner was selected based on several criteria, from space and reliability to safety, comfort and efficiency.

We’re excited to announce that the 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid has been named the best choice for families in its segment. It…

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