Video: How to Manually Shift With Ford’s 6-Speed SelectShift Automatic

Your Automatic Ford May Let You Manually Shift

Manually shifting your automobile's transmission creates thrilling drives. Today, you will not find a clutch pedal featured on many cars. Learn how to manually shift the Ford six-speed SelectShift transmission.

In a Ford with a SelectShift transmission, you will find an S among your gearshift's options. This stands for Sport mode, but you are welcome to think of it as SelectShift mode. When you choose this mode, your Ford will allow you to decide when to shift your six-speed transmission up or down.

Depending on your Ford Model, you can shift using the paddles on your steering wheel or a button found on your gearshift. Downshift when you need more acceleration. Upshift as you approach your cruising speed.

Fortunately, Ford designed SelectShift with software that monitors when your engine is in the wrong gear for its current speed. This system safeguards your engine while you use Sport mode. It will never let you work your engine too hard or attempt to accelerate without enough RPMs.

Ford's SelectShift technology is ideal if you frequently drive long distances on high-speed roads. Also, it is a fun feature to have on your car on a vacation day when you just want to go for a memorable sightseeing drive. Clearly, Ford's SelectShift adds options to your life.

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