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For many people, the vehicle they own is their second-most-expensive investment. Because so much money is spent buying and maintaining your vehicle, it makes sense to do what's needed to protect it. Managing the performance of your car is necessary to keep it running its best daily. It is also crucial to help maintain value. Regular checkups and maintenance will help keep the inside and outside of your vehicle in great condition.

When it comes to the best products to protect the inner and outer components of your vehicle, we have you covered. Our quality products will keep your vehicle running and looking great. Learn more about our top-of-the-line ZAK products by reading below.

Benefits of ZAK Protection

Some may wonder if investing in ZAK products is worth the cost. The short answer is yes because the fluids in ZAK products can be used on different parts of your car. There are numerous formulas to work effectively in each system your vehicle has, including the transmission, fuel system, diesel, brakes, oil, HVAC, power steering, cooling, and the battery.

We also have many great products to help keep the outside of your vehicle looking its best. Some of our top products available include Maximum Tire Shine, Headlight Restoration Kits, and Maximum Suds Car Wash. Each of these can help leave your vehicle looking its best for the long run.

If you are looking for "superior" protection, consider our ZAK Ultimate Appearance Protection Package. This package boasts a formula that will give your vehicle's paint job the best protection possible against the elements. The products keep your paint from turning dull by creating a cohesive film from the polymer-based application to help resist against salt, detergent, and ultraviolet rays that can be damaging to your vehicle's paint. Once applied, there will be an instant reduction in water spots, oxidation, tree sap, bird droppings, and industrial pollution marks. We also offer an interior version of this ZAK product to help detail the inside.

ZAK Fluids

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What Makes ZAK Products Different?

When creating ZAK products, only high-quality products are used. They are included to help lubricate and clean the numerous systems vehicles have and that need to be maintained. Our ZAK products are a little higher priced than comparable products for many reasons. The treatments will mean results last much longer and will cost you less over time. The thorough formulation will keep your car running better, looking better, and needing fewer repairs.

ZAK Products Available at Gwinnett Place Ford

We have streamlined the process of upgrading our customers to the ZAK line of products. We stock many ZAK products here at our dealership in Duluth to help keep your car in great condition and protected. Stop by our dealership today for more information. You can also contact us through our website and learn more about how ZAK fluids and products can help maintain your car.

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