The Ford C-MAX features FordPass

With the rapid development of technology, new technological features in vehicles are inevitable. This includes the popular compact hybrid Ford C-MAX. It has a numerous amount of technological features that could determine whether or not this car is the right one for you, but it also has something exclusive to Ford.

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How Can Driving a Ford Fusion Hybrid Save Me From Rising Gas Prices?

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium

With gas prices on the rise again, many people are looking for better ways to reduce the costs. Yes, driving a Ford Fusion may save you from these rising gas prices. The Ford Fusion provides all the benefits of driving a hybrid without limiting occupants to the confined space available in smaller hybrids like the Prius. There are a number of factors affecting how much the Ford Fusion can save you from increasing gas prices.

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Ford Certified Pre-Owned Overview

When you're looking for a used Ford, you might have a desire to consider the car maker's certified, pre-owned car program, that provides a manufacturer-backed warranty intended for Ford models that are used, as much as five years of age and with just an odometer reading of 80,000 miles.

Ford's "Certified pre-owned" (CPO) guaranteed warranty extends manufacturer powertrain insurance coverage to seven years, or a full 100,000 miles, from the original transaction date of the car purchase.  

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Seating Pluses in the Ford Fiesta ST

One of the things that makes the Ford Fiesta ST popular among its drivers is the technology that connects you to the road and your world. Standard AdvanceTrac automatically adjusts engine torque and braking to prevent wheelslip. With the standard anti-lock brakes, you gain confident stops on less-than-ideal surfaces such as gravel, ice, or rain.

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Impressive Ford Explorer Capability Features

Why is the Ford Explorer considered a popular SUV these days? One only needs to look at these capability features to understand why.

Getting into your new Explorer with hands full is a breeze. The Explorer comes with the hands-free and foot-activated liftgate, so you simply touch the button with your foot and the door opens. Now you can easily load all your fishing equipment or groceries into the back of the SUV without ever having to put your stuff down on the ground. 

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The 2018 Ford Edge Delivers Incredible Capabilities

The 2018 Ford Edge presents a reliable and unforgettable drive. The capabilities don't stop with its primary intended purpose. Drivers might find the vehicle's capabilities deliver more than what they normally expect in a car.

All-Wheel-Drive by itself is a nice capability. With the Ford Edge, driver's can access intelligent AWD. The special AWD comes with a unique sensor system, a system that actually monitors traction. Drivers concerned about the roads during inclement weather may be intrigued by this capability. 

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Ford Escape Capability Features for 2018

Have you seen the latest from Ford Escape? It's the top compact SUV for 2018, ranked number two overall for performance, reliability, safety, and interior comfort. The Escape is a standout vehicle for individuals and families, with plenty of space for everything you need to carry, as well as LATCH system for child seating. The performance in this vehicle is all about fuel economy, but you still get a boost of acceleration.

You can upgrade to one of the premium packages for even more performance power. 

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Drive the Ford F-150 with Confidence in its Capabilities

When you drive down the highway in a Ford F-150, you have confidence that this powerful pickup truck will get you safely to your destination and also deliver any load that you are carrying. Voted Truck of the Year by Motor Trend, the Ford F-150 has all the towing power you require.

The Ford F-150 has superior towing capabilities, more than other pickup trucks in its class, when paired with the available 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine. This engine has 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of best-in-class torque. Backing up a trailer is made super easy with the Pro…

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