Ford Bronco Sport Becomes First Vehicle To Feature Parts Made of 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic  

The Ford Bronco Sport is a “first” in many ways, but one of its most surprising characteristics may be that it is a leader in sustainable materials. The Bronco Sport is made in part of materials sourced from the ocean. Specifically, the Bronco Sport contains components made using recycled plastic from the ocean. The Ford Bronco Sport uses a wiring harness pin made of recycled parts called “ghost gear.” Along with making the Bronco Sport more sustainable, using parts sourced from the ocean creates more jobs.

Sustainability and the Ford Bronco Sport

Parts of the Ford Bronco Sport are produced using plastic materials sourced from the ocean. The Ford Bronco Sport has a component called the wiring harness pin, a small but important part connected to the curtain airbags in the second row. The wiring harness pin is found on all models of the Ford Bronco Sport. The wiring harness pin is made of durable nylon in the Bronco Sport, but it is made of petroleum-based parts in most other vehicles. The nylon component in the Bronco Sport is just as strong and more environmentally friendly than the petroleum-based version, which makes it a win for sustainability and product quality.

Sustainable Wiring Harness Clips

Wiring harness clips are a common part on many vehicles. However, they are made of less common materials with the Ford Bronco Sport, making them stand out from the rest. The wiring harness clips on the Bronco Sport are made of recycled products from the ocean. They are made of sturdy nylon with the same longevity and strength as petroleum products, but it has a much less environmental impact. The wiring harness clips made of sustainable materials are less expensive to produce, and they are also more energy-efficient. While Ford is just using them to create small components for the Bronco Sport, the company plans to use ocean plastics to produce more products for the Bronco Sport and its other vehicles in the coming years. Additionally, more companies are expecting to start using ocean materials for other consumer products as well.

Why Use Ocean Plastics?

Ocean plastics extracted from the sea and used in consumer goods can help reduce the damage caused to aquatic marine life. About 13 million tons of plastic waste enters oceans every year. This large volume of plastic kills marine animals and causes widespread pollution. Using the plastic that enters the ocean reduces the level of harm to ocean life and creates a more sustainable future.

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