Starting your vehicle remotely is convenient if you want to avoid too hot of an interior or too cold of temperatures. Many cars provide you with the option to start your vehicle using your key fob remotely, but you can control many of the newer Ford models at Gwinnett Place Ford by using the FordPass app. You can control your engine using the app, but you also can control your locks, check up on routine maintenance that your vehicle needs, and so much more. Within a few minutes, you'll be able to set the app up with your vehicle and user information.

Driver starting car with FordPass app

Starting Your Ford Remotely Using FordPass

The FordPass app is available for free, and you can use your smart device to get everything started. Once you complete the initial download, you'll be asked to create an account for your specific vehicle. You'll need to scan or enter your VIN. Assign a name to your car so you know what you're remotely controlling, and you can quickly control many functions of your car regardless of where you are. There's no need to point your fob in the direction of the car or be so many feet away. Ford has provided you with the convenience feature of a lifetime.

If you're having trouble installing the FordPass app or you can't get your vehicle to start up using the app, you can contact our service department for more assistance. If you are shopping for a new car and would like to try out some of the convenience features that Ford has packed into their new models, come down to our Duluth location any time that is convenient for you.