Group planting and growing the environment together  

The Together We Can (TWC) organization in Duluth, Georgia, aims to make the world a better and more livable place by fighting against systemic issues such as pollution, animal abuse, homelessness, and hunger. The Foundation engages in ambitious projects and operates charity programs with a broad volunteer base to effect change. Although the organization works with volunteers of all ages, it has an especially strong youth volunteer program.

The TWC Foundation's Mission

The TWC Foundation conducts its activities with its mission in mind, which is to inspire and uplift community members through acts of kindness. Through a core team of staff, parents, students, and other volunteers in the community, the TWC Foundation carries out projects designed to save lives, improve lives, and generally create positive change. The TWC Foundation engages in a diverse set of activities on a local, national, and even international scale to build stronger and healthier communities wherever it operates. No matter what project the organization is working on, it maintains the same three fundamental pillars of compassion, kindness, and teamwork to complete its goals.

Projects and Programs

From local projects in Duluth to initiatives in Nepal, TWC Foundation is active worldwide in community improvement initiatives. Some of the projects it supports are environmental improvement and water crisis programs, which are conducted in partnership with local schools, and programs designed to alleviate child hunger. Volunteers also work with the TWC Foundation to provide school children with meals and other basic needs. They raise funds and awareness for animal abuse through donation drives and activities with local animal shelters.

People volunteering to pack food and clothes

President's Volunteer Service Award

Each year, TWC offers select volunteers the opportunity to receive a President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). The PVSA program was started in 2003 to recognize and honor the volunteer efforts of Americans. To be eligible for the award, volunteers must keep track of hours they work for the Together We Can Foundation. PVSA awards are distributed in Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories for specific age groups.

Volunteers will earn an award if they meet the minimum number of hours required for their age category. Along with age-based categories, PVSA awards are also distributed to families that collectively volunteer a certain number of hours. Awards are also allocated in the category of "Lifetime Achievement," which honors individuals who have logged at least 4,000 volunteer hours during their lifetime. PVSA recipients will receive an official PVSA medallion, a certificate of achievement, a press release, and a congratulatory letter from the president.

To learn more about the TWC Foundation, visit the organization's website today.