Ford Marverick  

Many drivers have requested that Ford build a small pickup truck, which has prompted the automaker to listen and respond in the last year. Ford is currently working to create the requested model, which is expected to be called Maverick. Ford provided production data to investors, which disclosed information that they're now in the works to create a "C-Pick Up." Approximately 20 models were manufactured as the automaker is testing different prototypes before finalizing the final product.

The new Ford Maverick truck will likely be manufactured in Mexico at the automaker's plant in Hermosillo. Many people in the auto industry speculate that the new model will have many of the same features and styling as the Ford Bronco Sport. It won't be surprising if the vehicle has a C2 unibody platform and is equipped with all-wheel drive for better performance. Although it'll have a smaller size, it's expected that it will have the same capabilities as a larger pickup truck and tackle off-road challenges.

Ford Maverick Front View

The powertrain options and horsepower are also expected to be similar to what is offered with the Ford Bronco. There's even the chance of an all-electric model available, allowing the vehicle to become more economical to save more money while getting around. It's also expected that the Maverick's towing power will be the same as the Ford Transit Connect with an estimated 1,550-pound capability. This will allow the model to be more capable and versatile.

There was recently a camouflaged pickup truck that was in the process of being tested with a mid-size Ford Ranger, which a Ford stan witnessed. The model had a more compact size than the Ford Ranger and showed off an angular body. The headlights were the most noticeable feature on the truck and were paired with an oversized grille. Although the truck will be a compact pickup, it should still have enough space to store the driver's equipment and personal items.

It's also expected to have two rows of seats with a crew-cab configuration. Because the Bronco has all-terrain tires, you can add, this may also be an available upgrade.

It's likely the truck will also feature the Blue Oval's latest technologies. This means drivers can take advantage of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Ford Co-Pilot360, and SYNC. Front bucket seats may also be available, with many storage options provided in various places in the cabin.