What You Need to Sell Your Car


Confirm ownership with current and valid car registration.


Vehicle title or payoff info. Each titleholder should be present.

Valid ID

Valid state-issued photo ID for each titleholder.


Keys and remotes (if originals are missing, your offer may need to be adjusted).

Schedule an Appraisal

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How Do I Sell My Car?

At Gwinnett Place Ford, it is easy to sell your vehicle without having to trade it in for an upgraded vehicle. Drive your car into our dealership to get the answers you need about selling your vehicle!

Gwinnett Place Ford makes it easy to sell your car. When you bring your vehicle into our Duluth dealership, you can get an appraisal for your car and a cash offer. We are looking for pre-owned cars that are of high-quality. We give competitive quotes and cash offers for many types of pre-owned vehicles. Before you consider other ways to sell your car, contact our dealership for an appraisal and a cash offer.

Benefits of Selling Your Car to Gwinnett Place Ford

When you sell your vehicle to a dealership, there are many benefits. You have less paperwork and don't have to create ads to sell your car. You can also save the time that you would normally spend taking strangers for test drives in your vehicle and negotiating with people who want to haggle. You also won't have to worry about figuring out the tax rules for selling your car.

Another benefit of selling your vehicle to a car dealership is that it is usually much faster. You can avoid going through many prospects to finally get your vehicle sold. You also don't have to worry about scheduling time to show potential buyers the car. You won't have to participate in trying to come up with a fair price and other uncomfortable negotiations with interested people. At our dealership, we give you a fair price for your vehicle and usually purchase it outright. This means the process is simple and quick. You can have your cash and be on your way quickly!

Your appraisal and offer are based on the type of vehicle you have and the condition it's in when you arrive. Bringing your car into the dealership will give us a chance to assist you and make sure we have all of the information about your vehicle. If you decide that you like a vehicle on the lot, then we are also available to give you a quote for a trade-in. While there is no obligation to trade your vehicle in, many customers still like the information. Contact us for an appraisal appointment at Gwinnett Place Ford today!

Think you’d prefer to trade in your vehicle? Get a quote online and browse inventory at Gwinnett Place Ford below.