Ford Battery Maintenance Information

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Signs That My Car Battery Is Dead

Along with helping to ensure that your car battery lasts as long as it should, regular service is one of the best ways to keep an eye on when your battery needs to be replaced. Additionally, if you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to start looking at car batteries for sale in the Atlanta area.

  • The headlights and engine are not turning on
  • The engine is cranking but the car will not turn on
  • The headlights looked dim before the car died
  • The battery warning light was on at some point before the car would not turn on
  • The battery is three years old or more

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Ford Battery ServiceHow Do I Maintain My Battery?

Take a look! If you can't remember the last time you popped the hood and checked things out, take a glance today. Simple visual inspections reveal a lot. For instance, you may need a car battery replacement in Gwinnett Place immediately if the battery looks swollen or if there's excessive corrosion around the terminals, which zaps power.

We also highly recommend getting regular battery service, in which our certified technicians will clean any corrosion and contaminants from your Ford battery, check its remaining capacity and apply a protectant. If you are due for a replacement, we offer car batteries for sale in Duluth at low prices. When you need a Mustang, Expedition, Taurus, F-150 or Ford Fusion battery, schedule an appointment with us.

Used Versus New Car Batteries

We know that many drivers wonder about buying used car batteries because they come at a cheaper cost. However, our advice is to choose a new battery if you want a product that'll last for years and come with a warranty. Inaccurate testing is a common issue with used car batteries; they may appear to have an adequate amount of power, but there is no telling if the equipment used for testing was correct, nor how the battery was treated before being cleaned up for resale.

Car Battery Sales Near Me

At Gwinnett Place Ford, you'll find certified technicians with years of experience in the automotive industry. If there are any unusual happenings with your car battery, such as a parasitic drain that may be compromising its power, our mechanics will identify and fix the problem.

We also offer competitive prices on Ford battery replacement in the Atlanta area, so if you're currently looking for deals on a Flex, Fiesta, Focus, Escape or Ford Fusion battery, contact us for information about pricing before heading to a chain car battery shop. You might be surprised at our deals!


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