Ford Tires: When to Change, Align & Rotate

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Checking Tire Tread

The first thing you need to know about tire care is how to check the tread. This can be accomplished through a simple visual inspection; if the tires appear to be 2/32 or lower, they need to be changed.

You can do a penny test as well. Just place Lincoln's head in and if his hair is showing, it's likely time for a replacement. If you need service, schedule an appointment at our tire shop in Duluth, where you can get low-cost Ford tires and first-rate service! You'll find that prices at our Quick Lane are on par with those from chains like Tires Plus and we offer many benefits such as free car washes, complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments.

Other tire wear symptoms that mean trouble include:

  • Bulges and bubbles
  • Cracks and cuts
  • Noticeable vibration
  • Uneven tread wear

Tire Alignment in Gwinnett Place

Tires become misaligned gradually, so it's often hard for drivers to notice the change. For this reason it's important to get a tire alignment check about every six months. Some signs indicating that you need a tire alignment in the Atlanta area include pulling, uneven tread wear and a steering wheel that appears crooked when you're driving straight.

Ford Tire Service in Duluth

Tire Rotation & Balancing

At our tire shop in Duluth, we recommend getting tire rotation and balance service every 6-8 months. Rotations are needed because the weight differs between the front and rear axle of the car; due to this, it's ideal to rotate the tires so that they wear at more of an even rate. Balancing is also important. Unbalanced wheels often exhibit themselves through excessive vibration, which can be uncomfortable and unsafe because it inhibits control over the vehicle.

Good Tire Repair Shop Near Me

Gwinnett Place Ford is here to assist you with all your tire repair needs. If you're currently looking for sales on summer, mud-terrain, off-road or all-season tires to fit your Ford, contact us to learn about prices and make an order! Also feel free to drop by our tire shop in the Atlanta area during business hours if you're in need of immediate service.


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