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Why it's Not Good to Skip Auto Maintenance

Ford Service

Vehicle manufacturers include maintenance schedules as helpful information for their customers. While some may look at these schedules as optional, it is essential information about how to maintain the vehicle. Scheduled maintenance protects the buyer's investment and gets the best performance from the car. Skipping vehicle maintenance shortchanges both the customer and the vehicle in the following ways.

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What's the Secret Behind the Best-Selling F-150?


With all the different features that come included in vehicles these days, it's challenging to choose the make and model that is going to work for your budget. You need to ensure that you're getting all of the features that you want, but you can end up surpassing what you can afford. If you want a powerful vehicle that is going to be a wise investment, the Ford F-150 has been leading the vehicle market for years now.

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How is Ford Driver Assist Technology Stopping Backseat-Driver Behaviors On The Road?

Driver Assist Tech

Nobody likes a backseat driver. Ford understands this problem all too well, and as a result, they offer a feature that could stop backseat driving behavior. How do you get backseat drivers to simmer down? Well, when Ford conducted one study on driver-assist technologies, they found that technology like autonomous emergency braking and blindspot monitoring had a real impact on getting backseat drivers to keep their mouths shut.

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