Ford Transit Trail Camper Van Coming to America  

The unveiling of Ford's Transit Trail camper van has sparked some excitement in the automobile industry. This off-road version of the Transit van will be part of the 2023 model year, with November being slotted as its unveiling. It will be similar to the European version, including key features like all-wheel drive and different off-road drive modes. The exterior is still very simple and boxy, but the interior is where a lot of the change is taking place. You'll find plenty of amenities and features on the inside of the Transit Trail.

There has been an increased interest in the camper van market in recent years, with more people wanting to hit the open road in search of adventure. You can even customize your Ford Transit Camper Van with a number of available accessories that are popular in the Bronco SUV and Maverick pickup truck. That means you receive your vehicle already equipped, and everything will be included under the warranty coverage that's provided by the manufacturer.

Vehicle enthusiasts are waiting to see if Ford is going to offer a high-end Transit van with all the bells and whistles. If so, the price point will be eagerly awaited. This versatile vehicle is already being marketed as the perfect automobile to take from the job site to the campsite. At least we know that all of the rumors are finally true. Feel free to visit our dealership, or contact us for more information!